BBC News Mobile

BBC News Mobile – Mango Beta

Quick peak into my work so far on a mango version of BBC News Mobile

Features added so far:

  • Double Sided Live Tiles
  • Pin individual feeds to home screen
  • Background service meaning improved live tile and breaking news notifications
  • Background caching if wifi is available to speed up the app
If you would be interested in testing out the Beta and have a mango dev unlocked device get in touch via the comments section. Even if you can’t test any feedback is always appreciated.


24 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile – Mango Beta

  1. If you need a tester – please e-mail me (you can see my e-mail in admin panel for this comment). I’m a registed WP7 dev and can test on HTC HD7 (with and without Mango beta), Samsung Omnia 7 (with Mango beta), and LG Optimus (with Mango beta).

  2. Arkavat says:

    Great job! I have been using your app alomost everyday. If you need any beta testers on Mango, I will be very glad to help.

  3. Glenn Edwards says:

    Have been using the app on nodo too. Have got mango beta installed on my dev device. Would love to help beta test for you 🙂

  4. Geoff says:

    I’d love to give the app a spin and provide feedback – feel free to send it my way, I’ll make sure to check it out.

    Looks great!

  5. waseem mirza says:

    Hi I have a mango Dev unlocked handset and I’d be willing to test the beta. I’m on the beeb internal email address book.

  6. Patrick says:

    I’m using the current version too and would like to test the “mango” version too. I’m Developer.

    Great work! Thanks, Patrick

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  8. I have owned this phone for slightly more than a week now, and I am still loving it, despite some shortcomings.

    I switched to this one from the dismal Blackberry Torch which is the worst Blackberry I have ever had (so little thought had gone into making that joke of a touchscreen phone). To be honest, i did not mean to buy the HTC, but just tested it for a few minutes and I knew I had to have it.

    The new WP7 OS feels sleek and minimalistic, unlike the gaudy iOS of iPhone, but more similar to the look of the sylized Blackberry OS6, although having nothing in common in terms of ease of use. It is also less popular than iOS, which i think resounds with my approach to phones. The phone and OS are quick, very responsive and plain beautiful.

    Even though it has a large screen the HD7 sits very comfortably in my pocket, not showing any bulk at all. It has a great camera that does wonders in bright daylight and the phone does indeed shoot high quality video.

    Bing maps is also another application I like better than its brother google maps. It looks better, it finds things easier, and once you have found what you need, you can pin it as a tile on the front screen for easy use later on.

    I also love the look and feel of Outlook which synchs with my office mail, calendar and contacts (like the Blackberry, but looks fantastic and is much easier on the eye and on the hand).

    Web browser works and feels very good, very quick and responsive. Of course it lacks flash, but I hear it is being developed for WP7.

    The WP7 is a clear case of form over function, but I forgive it because of the uber-sleek touch and feel the whole thing has.

    Now the gripes:

    1. The camera is ridiculous in low light conditions (with or without flash). Pictures are either blurred or overexposed.

    2. Battery life is a joke – I could easily extract 4-5 days of use from a single battery charge with my Blackberry, now i hardly get two full days. This is a serious inconvenience, especially if you are travelling, because you can be left without a phone at any time. What is even more unpleasant is the fact that there is no OEM higher capacity battery by HTC, other than the original one (1230 mAh). I hope they fix this soon.

    3. The alarm works only when the phone is switched on. So you cannot switch the phone off at night and have to worry whether the battery will run dry and the phone will not wake you up in time for work.

    4. WP7 Marketplace is yet to grow, and most notably it lacks ANY navigation software, which in my view is a serious shortcoming for this OS. I would love to see navigation software having the look and feel of Bing maps.

    5. No decent youtube application.

    6. No option to use an .mp3 as a ring tone (unclear why WP7 does not support this).

    7. Only 8 Gb of storage and you cannot do anything about it.

    All in all I think this is a very good buisness smartphone, and certainly could be a Blackberry-killer.

    The OS (WP7) has still not been perfected (phone may become hung by various activities and applications), but I think it has a lot of potential.

    Despite the shortcomings, I would recommend this product to other people, who knowingly could live with them, for the sake of using a sleek, convenient and beautiful phone.

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