BBC News Mobile

BBC News Mobile Mango v2.6.2 – Beta Update

Thanks for all the feedback about the beta. This version contains the following fixes and new features.

  • Twitter integration added
  • New breaking and latest ticker
  • Granular settings for background services
  • Fixed multiple toaster notifications for the same breaking news item

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the new version, XAP is avaialable here.


13 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile Mango v2.6.2 – Beta Update

  1. Just tried share with Twitter. Crashed after I hit “Post” the 1st time. Worked the 2nd. (scratches head) Also, like the ticker — possible to change font size?

  2. Glenn Edwards says:

    Great app, and good use of Mango features πŸ™‚ I do have a suggestion though, from a usability perspective.

    Currently pinning a feed to the start screen, is achieved by going into the feed, and pressing the Pin icon. This is fine, but to me the natural way to try and pin the feed, and in fact is the first thing I tried after adding some feed, was to press and hold on the feed in the feed list, thinking that a context menu would be displayed with a context menu item saying “pin to start”, much like other items in WP7.

    Do you think this is a change you could make? What do others think? It would feel more consistent with the rest of the OS i think.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  3. Live Tiles worked in the last beta, not so in this one. Under settings, Breaking News Notifications, Live Tile Notifications, and Tiles and Alerts Update Service are all turned on but General Breaking News and Tile Updates uncheck themselves.

  4. fleon says:

    Also, still not seeing any updates on the second side of the tiles for pinned feeds. Since the options in settings appear not to be holding for those selections, do you think it could be anything related? I know you said it was just a GUI issue, but I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, etc etc and no luck 😦

  5. fleon says:

    Can we be able to swipe through all the breaking news stories at the top? That would be neat when there are a fair number of them at one time.

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