BBC News Mobile

BBC News Mobile Mango v2.6.3 – Beta Update

Hopefully getting pretty well polished by now. New features and fixes include:

  • Twitter fix –  spotted by piaqt and Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc 
  • Tile and Breaking news service fix – spotted by fleon and McFly
  • Long press on feeds for pin and remove on home screen, you may need to clear your current feeds for this to function correctly but didn’t want to force this in case it was unnecessary – suggested by Glenn and fleon
  • Added News mango share picker alongside current share options
  • New cache Background service – When the phone is charging and connected to wifi it will cache all news items to enhance offline reading and speed
  • Changes to backgrounds to enhance readability – suggested by derausgewanderte 

Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback keep em coming! Might be a bit slower with the replies for the next month, as life is getting a bit more hectic, but will still be reading them all. New build is available here, let me know how you get on.


Edit: Accidentally uploaded an old version, now fixed. Sorry for any hassle caused.


12 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile Mango v2.6.3 – Beta Update

  1. anonymouse says:

    settings page shows a blank white screen when i choose light background. Works fine with dark background 🙂

  2. fleon888 says:

    How about adding instapaper and/or readitnow support? I’ve found those to be useful in other news readers.

  3. Ken says:

    Hi gripdev,

    Great app. I have been using ur beta regularly, and I must say I really love the double sided live tile and breaking news feature. Ur app alert me to the two sad news event of last week, the Norway thing and Amy Winehouse just as they happened. 😦

    Most of the issues I notice has been mention by fleon and others. I’m guessing you cant get the video article to show video (‘cos of iPlayer) unless you can work some magic :). great job, looking forward to purchasing the final thing.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoying it. Yeh sadly without the help of the BBC I won’t be able to use video on the app, will send them an email soon as I think its worth a try.

  4. Derausgewanderte says:

    as posted on XDA.
    1) I still would like to see sideways slide in the feeds section, just like on the main page. Coming from the main page and sliding horizontally to next page, I intuitively try the same in the feed section just to remind myself that I have to go back first before I can go to the next feed.

    2) the live tile looks better now. However when there is no news image for the live tile the default image shows “Breaking News” and on top of that is BBC News Mobile”. Looks broken

    great for a German living in the US (No Tagesschau or Spiegel yet)
    thank you!

    • Hey,

      Sorry for the slow reply have been meaning to get back to you on XDA but have been traveling so have patchy access to the net. Hopefully both of these will have been added/fixed in the new build I just posted.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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