BBC News Mobile

BBC News Beta – 2.6.4

This is my latest build with a couple of new features and changes. I’m currently traveling so have been doing bits of bobs along the way on planes and in cafe’s with free wifi. Hopefully haven’t made too many mistakes. New Features Include:

  • Scalable fonts via the app bar when reading an article
  • Pivot for the feeds to allow easy change between feeds
  • Changes to backgrounds and live tiles to improve the look and feel
  • General tweaks to increase stability and Speed

As always let me know how you get on and if you have any suggestions. New build is available here

Also if anyone has a good suggestions of places to go/eat/see in Melbourne or Sydney let me know


8 thoughts on “BBC News Beta – 2.6.4

  1. Jamie says:

    very good. can it have the sections like on the website for local and things? and a sport section?
    or the features / magazine / click section
    most popular/ most read? thanks

  2. Jamie says:

    since 2.64, things seem to be a lot slower and can randomly crash when reading feeds. 2.63 was lot quicker at loading initially and stable
    running on 7712 on mozart and 7720

  3. Awesome work!

    Anyhow, the background task has stopped working and the app tells me that I have to many background tasks already running, despite it is only one and I even turned the other task off.

    Is this a Mango issue or a problem with your app?

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