BBC News Mobile

BBC News Beta 2.6.5 – Gui Tweaks

Thanks for the continued testing. Hopefully the app is now getting nearer to the release candidate, although this is a more experimental build.

Changes in this build:

  • Increased to performance
  • Changes to feed Gui
  • Improvements to the Offline reader
  • Fontsize tweaks
  • Screen orientation lock

Really interested to hear what you think of the new feeds gui on the home page, get the latest xap here.


15 thoughts on “BBC News Beta 2.6.5 – Gui Tweaks

  1. derausgewanderte says:

    it looks cool. maybe this is just temporarily. the sports feed does not show an image but it has a second line with smaller font reading Sports:Football as mirror image, upside down. Looks funny.
    thank you

      • derausgewanderte says:

        ok, uninstalling and reinstalling worked. Interestingly, when the feed tiles first pop up when initiated they show the mirror upside down image of the txt, but only for a split second and then it seems to pull content and image and looks ok.

        I have to agree others that it does look too busy in the feed section. I would reserve this behavior for the most read section maybe.
        maybe I missed this but I can’t change the font size even though there is a field in settings. is this an upcoming feature?
        thank you

      • not sure whether we were talking about the same thing. but i didn’t like both the new feeds tile for the start screen and inside the app.

        For the one on start screen, the red band doesn’t match any one of my accent colour. i don’t know…i think it just looks weird. Comparing to the one u had before, I definitely prefer the old one. And I still love to see any other good design of the tile.

        ummm…for the feeds tile inside the app. Arggg…i would say it’s better to stay in the list format. Tiles looks great! but please don’t make them move up and down…

        I’ve been using BBC NEWS MOBILE since it had the picture background (not sure what version). It’s unofficial, but it’s free and ad-free. Thanks for bringing such an excellent app for us!

  2. fleon888 says:

    Like the new tile, like the new UI.

    Bug: enter an article, hit “share ms”, hit back without posting. App exits to start screen. Should go back to the article. Have replicated thus behavior everytime.

    Thanks for the orientation lock!

    • yeh, I think with the final release will only feature the ms sharepicker as it will include twitter and ties the app in nicely with the rest of the phone

  3. derausgewanderte says:

    is it just my phone or does it crash for others as well when trying to resume from multitasking? I have several apps in the background (three others that are multitasking/resume capable, ie. wpcentral, tasks and parkit). while these three work fine and resume fine, when I switch to bbc news it crashes in most instances or doesn’t resume and refreshes from start. If I just push bbc news alone (not other apps) into the background to the UI and then switch back it’s resumes fine.

  4. derausgewanderte says:

    update (sorry for double post):
    it crashes when deeper into the app. when on homescreen it doesn’t crash but displays an empty page when resuming. when hitting the refresh button it then crashes…

    • Thanks for the feedback, I think this is due to my attempts to utilise fast switching (would make sense for if is only happens when other apps are running). I’ve hopefully now corrected this for the next build which should be out shortly. I will download some of the other apps you mentioned and give it another test with them running in the background. Are you running on 7712 build?

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