BBC News Mango Released! http://bit.ly/pJIgop

Passed certification today so should be published to the market, expect an update notification soon! If you can’t wait then follow this link and you may be able to update sooner. Please be aware that you need mango to get this update.
It’s had a couple of tweaks and some new features since the beta closed and moved to private testing so let me know what you think! Thanks again for all the help making the app better, your feedback and suggestions have been great, very much appreciated. Having a bit of a break now but v2.7 will be in the works soon so any ideas please pass them on.

4 thoughts on “BBC News Mango Released! http://bit.ly/pJIgop

  1. Hi all

    Open the Marketplace on your device, do a search for “BBC News Mobile”, select the app from the list and you will have an update button.

    I did mine a couple of hours ago.

    Bring back the theme coloured live tile!



  2. derausgewanderte says:

    Anybody else has this? Maybe just my device? For some reason when I uncheck Sports Updates under Tiles and Alerts Update service it doesn’t stick. The next time I check it it’s checked again and I hear and see the Sports updates even though I unchecked it. Right now I can’t turn the sports updates off without turning off entire tile function.

    thanks for the best news app for WP7

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