BBC News Mango Update on the Update


Got a lot of emails and I’ve been trying to reply to all of them but it’s not feasible with the current volumes. Just put this post together to let you know what I’m working on and to apologize for not getting back to you all individually.

  • Those got in touch with me regarding the notifications settings not being stored properly, I’m really sorry about this. An update is on the way and should be with you, if all goes well, inside a week. Please bear in mind that most of that time is going to be marketplace approval as I plan to publish the fix tonight.
  • The limited numbers suffering from crashes, thank you for submitting the reports I will be including fixes in the update I publish tonight.
In short thanks for downloading the update and thank you for getting in touch with me, sorry about the group response.
Update: Fix submitted for approval

6 thoughts on “BBC News Mango Update on the Update

  1. Martin Crosbie says:

    No need to apologise for a group response, still miles more than most big companies give out.

    A quick answer and a quick fix, Top Job. Pity MS has no fast track for bug fix updates.

  2. iabaligod says:

    Bug report: Repeating news items. Previously downloaded items are downloaded again. News items will show repeating two to three times.

    Thanks for the app, still one of my favorites! Cheers!

    • Thanks for the feedback, can I get some more information. If you have a moment could you tell me when you see this behaviour and how would I go about reproducing this. Then I can get it fixed in the next release, as I’m having trouble recreating the issue at the moment.

      Let me know if you spot anything else.

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