BBC News Mobile 2.8 Beta


I’ve started playing around with some ideas and features for the next build v2.8

This time round I’m going to be using the private beta testing process on the marketplace, so if your interested in doing some testing email me the live account you have associated with your phone and put to subject to [BBC News Beta]. I’ve added a couple of people in who I already had addresses for so about 80 spaces left.

Private Beta enrollment:

Email info[at]grippers.co.uk

Subject [BBC News Beta]

Body – just your live account associated with your phone

Features so far:

  • Night mode to turn off notifications as per requests
  • Cache service is back
  • Fixes for live tile issues
  • Better debugging stuff

Wish list:

  • Improve boot speed
  • Improved story load speed and caching

If you have any requests to add to the wish list then comment here (if it’s add video, I wish I could but not possible at the moment).


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