BBC News Mobile 2.8.1 Beta


I’m going back to the putting the XAP up, as didn’t really get enough up take on the marketplace beta. Thanks for those that did apply and sorry that you didn’t get anything to test.

New build v2.8.1:

  • New View Item layout
  • Improved Start time
  • Night-time option
  • Pin individual items
  • Various bug fixes
  • Larger and smaller font sizes

Just finished playing around with this so, as usual, don’t expect it to be flawless. The more bugs you guys spot the better. Also general feedback about usability and design is just as useful. Download here


6 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile 2.8.1 Beta

  1. derausgewanderte says:

    thanks for the update. probably was like this before but thought this could be changed. When I share a link/post at e.g. facebook, the app sits there without any indication of doing anything until it successfully posted the link/post. wasn’t able to see an indicator. Once it posted the link/post it stays in the Share menu. I thought it may be useful if it went back to the link/post.

    • Thanks, glad you like it. The night mode is between 10pm-8am, didn’t apply much science to this, just seemed like a reasonable time scale. Open to suggestions.

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