BBC News Mobile

BBC News Mobile v2.8.2 Beta


Right so this beta has one purpose.


From my testing I’ve been able to, in most situations, half the loading time of the application. Took a lot of work in the back ground to get this all working so let me know if you spot anything that I’ve broken in the process.

Also I lied, I also tweaked the process I use to get pictures. So hopefully it will be picking a better picture to accompany each item.!115&parid=root

Other Changes:

  • Moved to using sharepicker task for better integration
  • LiveTile deactivation bug fix
  • Bug reporting opt out

18 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile v2.8.2 Beta

  1. derausgewanderte says:

    something seems to be not going the right way on my device with the new version. I uninstalled previous beta and installed new one. When I open the app and swipe to the most read page, the app replaces all images on that page with other images on each of the picture tiles. Then a few seconds (guess it depends on connection, sometimes one or two seconds, sometimes a little longer) later it replaces all images again to show the most recent ones. When I exit the application and repeat this the same thing happens. The images indeed load fast, however it’s like a madhouse for a few seconds when the page is loaded – LOL.

    • derausgewanderte says:

      I cleared the cache and rebooted the device but seem to be getting the same. It’s too fast to see what it’s actually doing the second time, could be it’s switching tiles around, replacing images with other ones for the same story? not sure.

      • The process flow is that it will display the picture from cache, then get an update low res one, while loading the article, then after the article load is finished get a high def picture, if its available.

        The aim is that on lower connection speeds the loading of the pictures doesn’t slow down the fetching of the article text. I’ll try to reduce the visual impact of this in the next build.

  2. Ro says:

    When in landscape orientation, you can’t scroll all the way to the bottom of a story.

    Also, when resuming the app whilst reading a story, then using the next story button, it is not the next story which is displayed, but in my experience, a story which I already read.

  3. gerry says:

    I like not seeing the summary when I click on the article. Going directly to the body of the article is a nice improvement over the version in the marketplace.

  4. Tezza says:

    Agree with Gerry in respect of the body, great touch !

    Personally think there could be some red on the feed screen and article screen to bring the app together a little more. Slightly feels like a different app when on those two screens. It is only a personal oppinion and I’m sure others would argue otherwise 🙂

    Sine I seem to be nit-picking, don’t mean it 🙂 The loading dots on the feed screen bounce in and ou
    of view resulting in the articles jumping up. It’s just everything is so smooth so this stands out.

    I think this one will be just me, but I find the feed screen sometime a little hard to read in respect of the tiles hiding the feedname. If I’m navigation quickly, sometimes I have to wait here until I spot the feed title bounce back in from an article snapshot. I like the article snapshot, just much harder to know its of a particular subject (from a particular feed) quickly.

    Finally was just wondering whether or not the snoozing function could be a manual entry (with defaults). Users with earlier/later bedtimes and possibly the users with night shifts would find this handy!? Possibly just a future feature?

    Amazing work though, truely…. and thanks.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the feedback. Given my release schedule for the current version I’m going to have to push back some of these issue to the next build.

      I know what you mean about the color scheme, however, in this release I’m looking to maximize the read area on the articles.

      The loading bar skipping is something I will add to the bug list and fix in the next release as well an manual entries for the quiet mode.

  5. Pat Coleman says:

    Love the beta but when loading the app. 1st thing you see is a white background then a red rectangle before sliding into main page. Maybe nitpicking but this looks terrible. Anything you can do to tidy that up?

  6. Pat Coleman says:

    As regards my previous comment about the unsightly graphics during startup this also happens when using the back button to return to the home page.

    One other thing I’ve noticed is the 3dots which take you into the settings menu occasionally disappear. The bar on which this appears is very small & could be doing with being a bit larger.

  7. bjorn says:

    Maybe just me but I can’t get app to work in the background. Get an error message saying to many apps already running. Only got got two running!

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