BBC News Mobile

Release: BBC News Mobile

Hi all,  new version 2.9 is now live on the marketplace.

Thanks for everyone who helped with testing the beta. Special mentions go to:

  • derausgewanderte (load errors)
  • Ro (& fix, landscape view issues)
  • Pia (crash dumps for close bug)
  • Andrew h (picture errors)
  • Hil Hughes (pin articles feature req)
  • Simon H (smaller font sizes for titan)
  • Tezza
  • gerry
  • Pat
  • bjorn
Who all spotted bugs/gave detailed feedback without which this release wouldn’t have been what it is! Hope I haven’t missed anyone out.

Known bugs:

A couple of bugs crept in and a bug fix release is being certified at the moment.

Updating the app causes background task error: too many tasks

  • Work around:  un-install/re-install
  • Fix: Already going through certification. v3
  • Why did this happen? To get the speed boost I made significant changes to the way the app stored settings data. While I did regression test the upgrade path, another fix I implemented before publishing had the knock on effect of causing this error.

Latest news page wrongly shows latest sports news

  • Workaround: Currently none available
  • Fix: Already going through certification. v3
  • Why did this happen? Developer error.

Wrong pictures displaying on articles

  • Workaround: Currently none available
  • Fix: Under investigation
  • Why did this happen? Under investigation

No longer able to share via email or SMS

  • Workaround: Currently none available
  • Fix: Already going through certification. v3. This version will contain Share via sms/email in the app bar menu.
  • Why did this happen? I’ve recently changed the app to use the integrated share picker. However, this is exclusively for social networks, which I didn’t realize at the time.

7 thoughts on “Release: BBC News Mobile

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  2. chow1017 says:

    This is not a huge deal, but would be a nice option. Any chance you will be able to customize background color and text color in the future? Thanks.

  3. maaislam says:

    After this update, the rotation lock doesn’t seem to work properly.when I restart the app the rotation lock always goes back to off.

  4. jamie says:

    Great job like the new way of reading them in 2.9. Found in 3.0, the download all feeds, only downloads the first one then nothing. And have spotted the latest news feed to update the tile really rapidly. Can’t reproduce at this time tho.
    anyway of viewing all images on the page full screen? Sometimes it changes when you click on a story or crops it. Thanks

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