BBC News Mobile Issues

Hi all,

So sat on the train back from London today I was frustrated to find that I couldn’t read any articles on the BBC News Mobile app. This was swiftly followed by the realisation that I would have to fix this ASAP and the cancelling of my plans for the evening.

I’m going to look to publish a fixed version this evening and hopefully it will get through the certification process in the next few days. In the meant time please be patient and hopefully the app will be back up and running again soon.

Kind regards,


Edit 10pm

Temp fix is in place and submitted to the marketplace, full update will be coming soon.


8 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile Issues

  1. Vincent Byrne says:

    Glad a fix is on the way. I miss it very much as it is my favourite app. Very smooth and great interface. Keep up the good work. I recommend it to everyone I talk to.

  2. I was about to email again to ask what happened since the last update, then noticed the blog (note to self, must add one for my site). Great to see you’re working on it and keep up the good work. Still one of my most used apps.


    • Hi,

      Yeh the temp fix that I rolled out recently has fixed the problems with articles but a fix is on the way for sports, currently awaiting approval.

  3. Rose says:

    Sports stories are still not fixed in the update. (Tried to let you know by email but auto reply a bit too smart!!!)

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