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BBC News Issues Update

Hi All,

Just finished working on the more complete fix. More importantly, the fix that I completed on Tue 27th has been approved by the marketplace and should be available to everyone soooooooooooon, once the changes have propagated through the marketplace systems. Hopefully this should be around Monday but I’m still at the mercy of the marketplace, in the meant time you can try and force the update but I’ve not had any luck so far with this on my own phones. WpCentral did a walk through on this here if you want more information.

EDIT 1pm, 01/04: Just got the update using this method so I can confirm it’s now live.

EDIT 04/04: Please note that the Temp fix still has issues when reading Sports stories.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to email the support alias and written reviews explaining the situation to other users who haven’t. Really appreciate your support and hopefully the BBC doesn’t change everything again too soon!

Kind regards,



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