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BBC News Update 3.5: Submitted

Hi All,

Just submitted an update for the BBC News Mobile app, this fixes the issues around live tiles. I’m going to hold my hand up to this one, it was a fault when moving between SVN and TFS. The backgroundscheduler code in the last version was actually from an older release and this caused the issues.

I’ve also added in a beta feature for related articles, this is to shut up my housemate – Dan, who has been hassling me to make this happen for a while! Let me know what you think, does it work well? Is it useful?

Hopefully be in the marketplace in the next week, once its completed certification.


8 thoughts on “BBC News Update 3.5: Submitted

  1. Andrew says:

    Got an update to ver 3.4 yesterday (or it says it is ver 3.4), but not 3.5 – live tiles is working fine now but can’t see ‘related articles’ bit. p.s. great app by the way!

  2. Bob says:

    Pagination of some articles is not working – lines appear to be cutting off. Great app – we use it everyday – well done! (Have noticed that recent updates are regressing quality though – maybe get some more people to test?) Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, the last couple of updates have been very reactive. The changes made to the BBC website caused the article read issues and the updates, that have followed since then, have been aimed at getting everything back up. Would love to have tested more and put out a beta, as I’ve done in the past, but really needed to get it fixed quickly. The text wrapping error, so far, is the only bug in the latest release if you spot anything else let me know and I’ll get it sorted in next release.

    • Would love too but at the moment I’ve got a freeze on new features, as I’m very limited on time. Aiming to get everything completely sorted over the next few months then will look at new features again.

  3. Bob says:

    Some of the images for the articles are wrong – eg the story today on “Brazil actor playing Judas dies from accidental hanging” has a picture of WallMart, but when you go to the actual web page its a map.

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