HypeMix brings HypeMachine to Windows 8

Hi all,

I’ve just put the finishing touches to my new app that’s been alive for a while now as a personal project. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve put in the final push to get it up to scratch and get it published.

If you’re a current user of http://hypem.com or a fan of new music, then hopefully this will be right up your street. The app pulls together the latest music charts from The Hype Machine and combines it with artist information and images from http://lastfm.com. To bring it all together it’s integrated into the audio api’s in Win 8 to let it play around in the background and respond to skips commands etc.

If you interested in having a play, get it here http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/f5e81d5d-b972-456c-9f33-655c23488815. The trial is the full app, only buy it if you like the work I’ve put in and want to say thanks.

Also massive thanks to Anthony and the everyone at Hypem.com for letting me take a crack at this!


3 thoughts on “HypeMix brings HypeMachine to Windows 8

  1. SunBob says:


    I really like the style of the app, but I have one big problem! Although the song is playing, I can’t here any sound. Is this a know bug or do you know how to fix it?

    Please contact me if you need some more details.

    • Hey SunBob,

      There are a couple of known issues with the app to do with suspending and then restoring the app and playback.

      Do you see this behaviour if you leave the app playing for some time then return to it or does it flat out refuse to play?

      Be keen to work it out as I’ve got some time put aside for bug fixing this weekend, drop me a mail info[at]grippers.co.uk

  2. B says:

    Looks great! Loving the track from the artist info background or right next to the player controls located in the lower right corner would be killer.
    I love Hypem, both from Chrome and iOS – very nice to see your hard work put into a Win8 app!

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