BBC News Mobile Updates

Hi all,

Been a hectic couple of weeks with some family weddings and working hard on the day job. Got some time yesterday to work on a couple of new features and fixes for the Wp7 and Win 8 versions of BBC News Mobile.

Windows Phone 

Fixed intermittent issue where the app showed error info when reading certain stories, thanks to everyone who let me know about this.
Hopefully improved the accuracy of the image selection for the stories.

Update published to store for certification. Should be available in 5 days or so.

Windows 8 

Added “Other Feeds” to the landing page including all the feeds from the BBC.
Tweaked visual style of the landing page to behave better on larger screens.
Fixed issues where the items wouldn’t refresh.
Added Breaking News Notifications – Still in progress.
Fixed several UI errors.
Improved loading times – Still in progress.

Working on finishing off several bits, aim to have in the store soon.


7 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile Updates

  1. James says:

    Hey Lawrence,

    The thumbnail selection seems more accurate now. One thing I have noticed however is some custom settings don’t seem to stick and keep reverting to their defaults.

    I disable breaking news toast notifications but they seem to keep enabling themselves in 3.8. I confirmed I had disabled them but after a while I will get a breaking news notification and the settings seemed to have reverted to default. The same applies with the Cache option.

    Any ideas?

    • Yeh, I’ve found a bug in my code. This is what happens when you write code in front of the rider cup!

      Hopefully get time to work on a fix tomorrow and get it out as soon as possible.

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