BBC News Mobile

BBC News Mobile v4.0.1.2 (Windows Phone 8) Beta

Hi All,

Think this is very nearly there, if you see anything that you don’t like/is a bug/shouldn’t happen let me know! Looking to publish in the next couple of days.

What’s Changed:

  • Voice. I made it chatty – say “BBC News read top news” and it will.

Get the XAP here.


  • Settings page failed to save – Fixed – Thanks @mrlacey
  • NEW – Settings page font size setting @mrlacey
  • Live tile update issue – Fixed – Meee
  • NEW – livetile text wrapping issue thanks Mark Osborn & Jay bennett
  • NEW – offline run crash thanks Jay bennett
  • Also thanks to Mark Osborn and Ed Harrison for their feedback

What’s Missing:

I plan to get most of these features back in the app, I’d really appreciate your help in prioritising.

  • NEXT RELEASE – Offline reading mode
  • DONE – “Next story” button when reading story (first on my hit list)
  • DONE – Share story
  • NEXT RELEASE – Secondary live tiles for sections

Known issues:

  • DONE – Icons, when static, are defaults
  • DONE – No Welcome experience. User must use app bar to access settings & sections to setup live tiles, lockscreen and select feeds.
  • STAYING – Wide livetile contains full string date, this is just to help debug
  • TESTED – Suspend behaviour is untested.
  • STILL FORGOTTEN – Lots I’ve forgotten

14 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile v4.0.1.2 (Windows Phone 8) Beta

  1. Matt says:

    Great update! Absolutely love the new version. Only thing that is missing for me is the very small live tile. Do you plan on having this update with the latest news too? Minor thing but fantastic app and you really show up the big companies!!!

  2. Monique says:

    Hi, love this app, however I and a thousand others would be extremely grateful if you could please PRIORITISE OFFLINE ACCESS. This feature is the feature which made this app not only entertaining and informative but actually useful, and the must have news app for all wp8 disciples 🙂

  3. Marwan says:

    Great app, but the update seems to have removed the breaking news feature and stories in the live tile. Is this something you are planning to sort out?

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