BBC News Mobile

BBC News Mobile v4.0.3.5 (Windows Phone 8) in testing

Release includes, by popular demand:

  • Improved the visuals – header space shrunk, overlaps fixed and nicer pics.
  • The return of the small live tile – too small for me but people wanted it!
  • Offline access – In testing at the moment.
  • Swiping to move to next story.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • Clearer disclaimer .

7 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile v4.0.3.5 (Windows Phone 8) in testing

  1. SuperSonic593 says:

    Such a great news app; thanks for all your hard work! I’m eagerly looking forward to the return of Live Tiles for individual news sections. Any update when to expect that feature?

  2. Adam says:

    Hey, you’re a hero… When the BBC drops the ball in platform support, way to pick it up in style and commitment. Great job!

    – From the States

  3. jt663 says:

    When will this update be coming? I love your app it has to be the best news app, 3rd party or not, and the only thing i think is letting it down are the visuals

  4. jt663 says:

    Whens this update coming mate? Love your app and all the work you put it by the way and this update will confirm its place as the best news app 🙂

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