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Abusive support requests, Really?

Hi All,

This is a bit of an odd one but today I got one of the most abusive support requests I’ve ever received and realised I’ve never really talked about these.

To clarify I’m all up for criticism of the app and suggestions on improvements, here I’m referring to out right abuse with terrible language and personal insults. While they’re actually quite rare you’d be impressed that they do come through and they aren’t pretty.

I bring exhibit A – This guy emailed me on Tuesday and having not received a reply by Wednesday sent this:


you for your reply…. Oh wait, you did not. You are a lazy f**k and
should pull this app off the marketplace, 7.8 has been out a while and
you do not bother.. THIS APP DOES NOT
F**KING WORK YOU LAZY FAT C**T! Clear enough?

The really sad thing is that I’m working on a fix and I now know that this guy will benefit from It, despite being intensely abusive, its really frustrating!



5 thoughts on “Abusive support requests, Really?

  1. Hi Lawrence

    This is terrible. Nobody should accept this sort of treatment and behaviour. I wonder what his contribution has been. Very little I suspect.

    My advice is to block this person from your blog and add their email address to your junk mail folder and ignore anything they send you.

    I certainly wouldn’t let an ignorant person like this stop you doing anything you want to do. I am sure many, many people appreciate your apps and all the time you spend developing them.

    God bless


  2. Thierry says:


    I just read your post and find it unbelievable!! Ignore this moron and keep up what you’re doing. I think what you have achieved is great and i just rated your app 5* and left a very positive comment! I only just found out about this as i wanted to report a bug, but like every app, they are to be expected! Nothing unusual here!! You should ask this guy, what his contribution to the windows phone community has been??? Typical ignorant person who doesn’t have a clue what it takes to write an App, let it be for IOS, Android or windows phone!! As i said, ignore the moron, and keep up the great work you’re doing!!

  3. Thierry says:

    Oh, i forgot, as a matter of interest where can you report bugs? Here? I’ve taken a snapshot of the error which list some .net code if its of any help! Let me know and ill send you the details.



  4. Mac says:

    Well, see it the positive way: this guy has to love your app to upset him that much. Just as an analogy: When I worked in software development, I had a similar issue with some guy writing a binary patch circumventing our licensing mechanism. In the end, I took it to be a compliment for the work we did. Stay positive. It’s a great app and I use it every single day.

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