New Stuff: Audiencer – Get Audience feedback easily.

Hi All,

I’ve just put the finishing touches to a weekend project I started a couple of weeks ago.

If you’ve got Win 8 and you regularly talk to an audience this is hopefully going to be useful!





webpic screenshot


It’s a really simple audience feedback system with no registration requirements, so you can get up and running on the spot then quickly start quizzing your audience.

Technically I had lots of fun with this one, it was my first go with Bootstrap to create some lovely, hopefully pretty, responsive HTML5 (just about there).

Secondly I took at crack at creating an interface for Azure table storage using generics and the repository model.

Thirdly I’ve used MVC Razor for the web front end and WebApi for the apps API and hosted it all on Azure.

I’m planning to do a nice tech write up when I have some free time, been bogged down with some nasty admin lately so haven’t had time to finish it off yet!



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