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Paper Boy – Need your feedback


So I’ve been working on a generic news reader to hopefully put the BBC News Mobile code base to a good use.

Have a play and let me know what you think. It’s no where near finished yet so lots of room for tweaking, new features and changes.

Let me know what you want via comments, @lawrencegripper on twitter or email phonesupport[at]  and I’ll try and make it happen.!10018&authkey=!AAQqOr4r6I9Dlqs

PS. I’ll be putting this through the portal as a full beta today, if you want in can you send me your live id on twitter or email and I’ll post a link back here this evening.

Edit: Private beta link, if you’ve given me your Live id is here –

If you want to get involved tweet or email me your live ID and I’ll add you on.


3 thoughts on “Paper Boy – Need your feedback

  1. Andrew says:

    Downloaded PaperBoyBeta1.xap from SkyDrive.
    Could not deploy on HTC 7 PRO (WP 7.8 unlocked):
    – xap signature not valid… or
    – WP manifest file invalid.

    Btw, I am very pleased to inform you that both yours BBC News Mobile (v3.8 for WP7 and for W8) are (still) working perfectly…

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