2 thoughts on “PaperBoy – Public Preview

  1. bhiranya says:

    Really didn’t know how to leave feedback on user voice without creating an idea so I decided to leave my thoughts on your new project here. I hope you don’t mind.

    First off, kudos on the new project. I had always hoped that this would be the next evolution of your masterpiece of an app regardless of intervention by the BBC (I am referring to the ability to read from sources besides the BBC). It was brilliantly laid out with good structure to the formatting from the size of the heading to paragraph spacing to, more importantly, the fonts, which made reading articles and absolute pleasure, even more so than reading directly from the BBC website. So I suppose what I am wondering is whether the fonts and layout infringe on BBC copyright (which doesn’t make sense to me)? If not I would love to see it or something similar return for the current format looks a bit cluttered and very outdated (mostly due to font). This is just my 2 cents but I do see that this is a regular theme in the feedback with requests for better colour and different fonts.

    Also another slight improvement would be to reintroduce the black gap at the top or at least some space before displaying an article heading for the positioning right now is obstructed by the system notifications such as battery level and signal strength, etc.

    Overall its a grand idea (even if you were somewhat forced into it) and really hope you can bring it back to the same status of a polished jem that was the BBC reader.

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