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Using LinqPad to query Azure Diagnostics (Best WAD viewing client for Devs imo)

Hi All,

Really quick and simple post. In a normal windows azure cloud service you get all your lovely eventlogs put into table storage for you to use when diagnosing issues.

Unfortunately that can be a bit daunting as there isn’t, or I didn’t think there was, a handy client to view them all in.

With the AzureTableStorage driver for LinqPad I can quickly write complex and simple queries to integrate all the WAD logs and I get lovely intellisense in a nice familiar interface.

from items in WADWindowsEventLogsTable
 where items.Timestamp > DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(-10)
 where items.Role == "ControllerRole"
 select new { time = items.Timestamp, desc = items.Description}

And I’m straight to the root of the problem, or near enough.



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