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PaperBoy update Coming soon… awaiting certification

Hi All,

I’ve finally got around to dedicating some time to paper boy over Christmas.

Change Log:

  • Fixed offline reading functionality (also now allow you to download just one or all feeds). More work is coming on this to rework it for speed and reliability also UI isn’t perfect at the moment. *Edit: may still have some issues, under testing some came up.
  • Updated reader view to be nice and like it used to be (this is experimental at the moment)
  • Included switch view button to use Readability mobilizer
  • Updated swipe between articles – smooth and nice now
  • Reinstated font size control from settings page
  • Fixed feed selector to remember previously selected feeds

*New reader view looks like so*


Hopefully more updates coming soon too, if all goes well!


2 thoughts on “PaperBoy update Coming soon… awaiting certification

  1. Darren says:

    Just wanted to say I love the latest update. Looks better than ever and runs like a dream on my 920. Thanks for the hard work you have put into Paperboy.

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