Stand up a SQL AlwaysOn Cluster on Azure IAAS in One-click

Hi All,

I had a play with AditiCloud’s Brewmaster today to see what it can do. The basic idea is that you can quickly deploy one of their templates for SQL, Active Director etc into your Azure IAAS subscription.

I picked SQL Always On Availability cluster, which if you’ve ever tried to do manually is a bit of pain, and set it off to do it work. After some simple config, name etc, I clicked go and went to get some breakfast.

You get a really nice view of progress in the browser, powered by signalr no less, and then once complete you can click “my deployments” and get all your login details.

All came up well and I had my cluster up and running inside 40mins with one-click, I’m very impressed and will likely use this again when setting up demo environments in the future. Link and some screenshots are below.




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