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Clean up unused Services from Azure Portal with PowerShell

So I’ve recently been using lots of VM’s and I end up getting through them fairly quickly – deleting and creating them regularly.

What I ended up with was loads of ghost services in the portal that were, once upon a time, associated with a VM in the distant past.

Given PowerShell is awesome, I set about automating the removal of these using the azure cmdlts. The trick is that I don’t want to remove services or VM’s that are currently “Stopped Deallocated” only those ghost services.

The script has three stages:

  1. Find all VM’s and their associated services.
  2. Find all the services without active deployments.
  3. Identify if any of these empty services have VM’s associated with them.
  4. Perform remove action on these services.

$performRemove = $true
#Find all services used by your VMs
$servicesUsedByVms = @{}
$vms = Get-AzureVM
foreach ($v in $vms)
$servicesUsedByVms.Add($v.ServiceName, $v)
#Find all services without active deployments
$servicesWithoutDeployments = @{}
$services = Get-AzureService
foreach ($s in $services)
$response = Get-AzureDeployment -ServiceName $s.ServiceName -ErrorVariable depError -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | ?{$depError.Count -eq 1}
if ($depError.Count -eq 1 -and $depError.Item(0).Exception.ErrorDetails.Message -eq "No deployments were found.")
$servicesWithoutDeployments.Add($s.ServiceName, $s)
#Pull out Unused services and confirm they're not used by vm. Technically not necessary but being careful
$unusedServices = @{}
foreach ($s in $servicesWithoutDeployments.Keys)
if ($servicesUsedByVms.ContainsKey($s))
"Contained - VM Paused: " + $s
"Does not Contained paused VM. Marked for Removal: " + $s
$unusedServices.Add($s, $servicesWithoutDeployments.Values[$s])
#Preform action on that service
foreach ($s in $unusedServices.Keys)
if ($performRemove)
Start-Job -scriptBlock {
Write-host "Performing Remove " + $s -ForegroundColor DarkYellow
Remove-AzureService -ServiceName $s -Force
write-host "Remove Completed" -ForegroundColor DarkYellow
} -ArgumentList $s
# Wait for it all to complete
While (Get-Job -State "Running")
Start-Sleep 10
# Getting the information back from the jobs
Get-Job | Receive-Job
view raw Script.ps1 hosted with ❤ by GitHub


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