Azure Store – Free MongoDB, New Relic, SendGrid and more..

Hi All,

I set about to put together a new app and challenged myself to do the whole architecture on azure without spending a penny. The only caveat I set was that I should be able to scale if everything goes really well.

So the basic components I’m using are:

  • MongoDB – 500mb db offered on Azure Store by MongoLabs (having not played with mongo wanted to give it a go, you could also use SQL Azure free db or others)
  • SendGrid – 20k emails a month
  • New Relic – Free edition
  • Azure Websites – Free site

I was amazed hat you can get so much for free, I can basically stand up a monitored, scalable architecture with no outlay and then look at scaling as needed – based on the success of my services.

This is a great proposition for any entrepreneurial devs out there, grab the tooling and put your app together with no running costs while it gets off the ground!

Have a look around here:



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