Using Azure DevOps to speed up Docker builds

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So I’ve been playing with devcontainers for Visual Studio Code, they’re awesome… go play with them. They let you use a Dockerfile to describe all the tooling needed for devs to get started with your project.

One of the side effects is that you have a nice Dockerfile which you can then also use it for your build server meaning that you never have an inconsistency between your local setup and your CI server.

In this example I build a golang project and use Azure DevOps and use caching to minimize the amount of time for each build.

vmImage: 'Ubuntu-16.04'
# Cache the docker image file
task: CacheBeta@0
key: go-cache | go.sum
path: ".gocache"
restoreKeys: go-cache
displayName: Cache go mod cache
# Cache the docker image file
task: CacheBeta@0
key: docker-image | .devcontainer/**
path: ".dockercache"
restoreKeys: docker-image
displayName: Cache docker layers
script: |
bash -f ./ci.sh
displayName: 'Run CI'

#! /bin/bash
set -e
set -x
# Get storage drive details
docker info
# Create .dockercache directory
mkdir -p ./.dockercache/
# Import devcontainer from cache to speed up build
if [ -f ".dockercache/devcontainer.tar" ];
echo "——-> Restoring docker image"
time docker load -i .dockercache/devcontainer.tar
echo "——-> Building devcontainer"
# Use the devcontainer to run the build as it has all the environment setup that we need
time docker build –cache-from devcontainer:latest -t devcontainer -f ./.devcontainer/Dockerfile ./.devcontainer
# Create a directory for go mod cache
mkdir -p ${PWD}/.gocache
echo "——-> Building code"
# Run `make` to build and test the code
time docker run -v ${PWD}/.gocache:/go/pkg/ -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v ${PWD}:/src –workdir /src –entrypoint /bin/bash devcontainer -c "make"
# Ensure .gocache permmissions correct for build to save cache
sudo chown -R $USER ./.gocache
# If the current cached image is out of date save devcontainer so it can be cached
if [ $DOCKER_CACHE_HIT != "true" ];
echo "——-> Saving docker image"
time docker image save -o ./.dockercache/devcontainer.tar devcontainer

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