About Me

I work within Microsoft Premier Support for Developers as a Application Development Manger providing advice, consultancy and support to a wide range of customers and their development teams.Regularly speaking publicly, delivering training and working on proof of concept software.

Views and projects on this blog are my own, all items detailed are free time projects outside of my normal work.

LinkedIn Profile – Lawrence Gripper


HypeMix – HypeMix is a mash-up HypeM.com and LastFM which lets you listen and love the latest music from The Hype Machine. Massive thanks to the team at HypeM.com for letting my loose on their API.

PaperBoy – Paperboy aims to be a quick, easy and beautiful way to get your news.

BBC News Mobile – Quickly and easily browse, read and listen to the latest BBC News.

Map My Calendar – Takes your calendar and uses the location fields to let you plan your journey to your next meeting.

Flurry Stats – Quick and Simple client to view your flurry stats from your phone.

External Articles:

Moving an existing Windows 8.1 app to Windows Phone 8.1 with the new Universal App functionality – Hypemix has a go!


Nokia Converstations



Best News App 2012 – BBC News Mobile



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