14 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hey

    Awesome BBC News app definitely without a doubt the best!

    I have an issue though that I hope you can help with. When turning on breaking new toast notifications I get the System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException error.

    I am in the UK running the official 7.5 Mango update on an Omnia 7.

    I hope that I can get the full experience of the app soon. Keep up the good work.



  2. Subodh says:

    Its really a good app.
    If you could integrate BBC world service radio in this app, it would greatly enhance its usage.
    Thanks for developing such a useful app.

  3. Arpit Jain says:

    This app has zero accessibility with screen readers used by blinds. I’m surprised with BBC who has such extensive accessibility policy on its website has such a pathetic excuse of an app when it comes to accessibility. I thought BBC would set standards for Windows 8 app’s accessibility.

    • Hi Aprit,

      I emailed you back but got no response. I ran over the following this isn’t something developed by the BBC and is something I do in my free time. I recently worked to integrate voice and read support into the Windows Phone application and would happily add your request to the Win 8 when I have a chance.

      Could you detail the software you use so that I can test against it, no guarantee’s but I’ll do my best.

  4. Christopher Arnold says:

    The BBC News app was the first thing I looked at in bed after waking up. I’d see what’s on the live tile, open the app, read most popular for 10 minutes, then usually go back to sleep. it really is sad that I won’t be able to do this any longer. I hope you get an offer of work from the BBC to develop a new app for them. Thank you for your original app that I think was one of the only good apps on Windows Phone 7.

  5. Doctor Proctor says:

    Certainly one of the best, essential apps on both Windows Phone 8 and on Windows 8.
    So sad to see the BBC act like a bunch of ar5eholes and ask you to remove it, especially as it’s owned by the British Taxpayer. I hope their replacement is better than their poor excuse for iPlayer on Android. What next? I see lorries for Tardis Environmental and the BBC seem to have left THEM alone….mind you they specialise in sh1t management – so very much LIKE the BBC…..

  6. Andrew Burwood says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on the apps you have made for the windows platform. Until recently I have been using your apps on a daily basis to keep up to speed with BBC news just a shame to see them removed. Looking forward to see what you work on next.

    Thanks again,


  7. Maruf says:

    you can be proud of the fact that you offered an unparalleled service not even matched by the BBC and offered convenience and ease for the masses we are truly grateful to you.
    keep your head high and let your talent be your guiding light.

  8. steve m says:

    App not loading news stories. Headlines are there but nothing loads when a story is selected. Same issue across 3 Nokia phones so probably not just my phone.

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