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Service Fabric: Getting started with a frontend website and a partycluster

This is going to be a quick guide to spinning up an ASPNET 5 website on Service Fabric.

To host it we’re going to use the “Party Cluster” service from the team. This lets you grab a slot on a free public Service Fabric cluster to try out things and get up to speed.

So first things first, head over to the Party Cluster site and sign up for a cluster.


Once you’ve requested access to a cluster (Tip: Pick the one with the most time left to run on it!) you’ll get an email like this one.


The three key bits of info are highlighted, we’ll use these to host our website! Have a read of the rest of the mail too as it details the limitation of the party clusters, limited time, shared etc.

First up the green circle is the link you can use to see the Service Fabric Explorer, we’ll use this later to see our app provision and check it’s health.

Second is the connection address and the port you’ve been allocated, our site will end up being hosted at the connection address plus our application port so in this case

Now lets create our website and publish it to the cluster! I’ll assume at this point that you’ve followed the install guides for getting your local environment setup, don’t worry if you haven’t .. I’ll wait. Head here and follow the guide.

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